10 Funny Thai words that sound like English words

by | May 3, 2020 | Vocabulary

While traveling through Thailand you might have come across many funny Thai words that might have made you laugh because they sound like something else in English. Here I will go over a few funny Thai words that I could think of and explain what it really means.

1) Bangkok

The first Thai word you probably noticed that sounds funny is Bangkok. Bangkok sounds like 2 words in English that when put together definitely sound funny (bang cock).

However, Bangkok is simply the capital of Thailand. In fact, Thai people usually don’t say Bangkok they say กรุงเทพ (grung tâyp).


2) Mochit หมอชิต

While traveling through Bangkok you might have come across Mochit station สถานี หมอชิต (sà-tăa-nee · mŏr chít). This word doesn’t have a special meaning other than its the name of that place however it sure sounds funny in English.

station in thailand

3) ฟัก (fák) or ฝึก (fèuk)

ฟัก (fák) is a gourd in Thai. ฝึก (fèuk) is to practice.
Both these words sound like the curse word in English.

Another funny word is ฟักทอง (fák-tong). It means pumpkin but ฟัก and ทอง when said together sound like f*** thong in English 😭.

4) ปุ๊บ (bpúp)

This word sounds like poop 💩. However, it actually means suddenly.

5) พริก (prík)

This word sounds like prick in English. However, it simply means chili.


6) พร pon

This word sounds like Porn 🤣. It is a word you will see in many Thai names. For example, a common name for females is Porntip. However, พร just means blessing in Thai.

7) Thong

This word actually has a few different meanings. It can be gold (ทอง tong), memorize (ท่อง tông), or stomach (ท้อง tóng) however it sounds like the bathing garment 👙.

8) ทิศ tít

ทิศ means direction but of course, it sounds like the female body part 😂


9) หมู mŏo

This is a word that might confuse foreigners at first. The word sounds like the sound a cow makes. However, หมู actually means pig.

10) ครับ kráp

ครับ kráp is a polite particles that men use at the end of their sentences. And of course, it sounds like crap 💩.

I hope you had a laugh while reading these funny Thai words and learned what they really mean.

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