Useful Thai word: แอบ 🤫

by | Dec 1, 2020 | Thai, Vocabulary

แอบ (àep) is a very useful Thai word that you can add before verbs to give the feeling of “secretly” or “covertly”.

For example, to secretly like someone/have a crush on someone = แอบชอบ (àep chôp). ชอบ (chôp) by itself means to like.

How to use แอบ

Let’s see some more examples:

  • To sneak out, to sneak away
    แอบหนี (หนี = to flee)
    àep nĕe

  • To peep, to peek, to secretly look
    แอบมอง (มอง = to look at)
    àep mong

  • To stealthily go
    แอบไป (ไป = to go)
    àep bpai

You can make up your own examples, just add แอบ before a verb to give the feeling of doing it secretly.

Example sentences:

  • I secretly gave her the book.
    chăn àep hâi năng-sĕu káo

  • I eavesdropped on the conversation
    chăn àep fang bòt sŏn-tá-naa

  • I did it covertly
    chăn àep tam man

  • How did you cheat on the exam? I sneakily looked at the answers.
    คุณโกงข้อสอบได้อย่างไร? ฉันแอบดูคำตอบ
    kun gohng kôr sòp dâai yàang rai · chăn àep doo kam dtòp

I hope you now know the meaning of แอบ and how to use it to say you have secretly done something in Thai.

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