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Speak Thai From Day 1 (First 5 lessons)


This is the first 5 lessons from SPEAK THAI FROM DAY 1 course for absolute beginners. You will start speaking Thai from Day 1


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Are you ready to SPEAK THAI FROM DAY 1?

Do you not know where to start and you feel overwhelmed with the thought of learning Thai:

Do you ask yourself “what about the tones, the alphabet, the pronunciation and vocabularies?” 

If that ever came to your mind, then this course is perfect for you!

In this course I will teach you to SPEAK THAI FROM DAY1

How is it possible? I only teach you the most important words lesson by lesson and practice with you step by step

Each lesson comes with:

✔ 1. LESSON VIDEO (8-15 minutes)


✔ 3. BONUS VIDEO or AUDIO (with ear training and tips)

✔ 4. PDF of the lesson (including Thai transcript and practices)

Please note this is the first 5 lessons from the FULL course. To pre-order the FULL course and get a $15 discount please visit the link here.

Who Is It For?

Absolute beginners and beginners who want to SPEAK THAI FROM DAY1. I will not ask you to memorize words because all the words will be used right away in the class. NO MORE MEMORIZING NON-USEFUL WORDS.

Course Instructor:

Accomplished Thai Polyglot, Language Learner, and Teacher – Grace S

Reviews from students on Italki:

“It was my first lesson with Grace and I felt like she really got me speaking and practicing so that the knowledge sticks! Will definitely book again :)”

– Nina


“Grace always gives awesome lessons where conversation in Thai is the main focus. I feel like I’m learning very quickly with her help! Would highly recommend working with her!”

– Christophe


“Grace is a wonderful teacher! She is very supportive and gets you speaking straight away. As a (very accomplished) language learner herself she really knows how to get things clicking and making sentences. I have found that I have rapidly improved with her help. Thanks Grace!”

– Josh

Full Course coming soon!