Thai Learners' Games!

Fun and engaging games to help you learn Thai.

Thai Reading Game

✅ Improve your Thai listening skills by choosing the word that matches the sound.

✅ The words have similar sounds and/or spelling so you really need to hone in your reading and listening skills

✅ You can listen to wrong sounds to compare against the correct word

✅ See the definition of the correct word

Learn Thai Verbs Game

✅ Learn hundreds of useful Thai verbs.

✅ You get to listen to the verb spoken and you have to choose the correct verb

✅ You can listen to wrong sounds to listen to the other verbs

✅ See the definition of the correct word

Get the paid versions of all games

  • ✅ Access to all the words - Enjoy hundreds more words and human-recorded sounds
  • ✅ One Time payment - Only pay one time and unlock the premium version of all future games on this page.
  • ✅ More words added all the time
  • ✅ More games of this style will be added

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use/get the paid version?

You purchase a license key here. Then on the game, click "Access all words" then "Already have a license key" to input the license key in the textbox. Here is a video showing how to input the license key.

I can't find my license key?

You can go to to find your license key.

Why should I pay for this game?

You will get access to hundreds of more words.

Can I get a refund?

Submit a refund request at grace @ (without the spaces) within 7 days for your money back.

I still have questions.

Feel free to email me grace @ (without the spaces)

Is my payment secure?

Yes, I use to process payments for the premium features. I don't store any of your payment data.